My Paleo Diet Breakfast Choices

Posted on Jul 11, 2015 in Diet

Many people believe Paleo diet adepts starve themselves to death. This is far from being true. Let’s take a look at my Paleo Diet Breakfast Recipes, for instance. I usually eat a fruit salad made from fresh pineapple, kiwi, oranges, pomegranate, melon and apples. There are days when I need more energy, so I add some raw almonds, pecan nuts and dried fruit.

healthy-paleo-breakfastMy husband tries to follow me and switch to the Paleo diet as well, but he hates fruits, so his breakfasts look different. He prefers onion has browns, jerky, sausages and squash, so that he can get enough energy to keep him running until late afternoon, when he has his lunch.

Sometimes, we both feel like having a traditional egg breakfast, so I prepare poached eggs we eat with spinach and with bacon. Eggs Benedict and ham are another big favorite of ours, but I find it a little too heavy, so I only cook that once or twice a month.

A healthy quiche can also make the perfect Paleo breakfast. The good thing about the quiche is that leftovers are also delicious, so they can make the perfect snack between the main meals of a very busy day.